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How often should I wash my vehicle?

Once a week is recommended to keep your wrap looking newer longer.


Can I bring my vehicle through a car-wash?

Touchless car washes are acceptable, but nothing beats hand washing!


What should I use for spot cleaning?

We recommend Avery Dennison vinyl wrap cleaner. You may also use a mild car wash detergent.  It's always smart to spot check!

Can I pressure wash my vehicle wrap?

Yes, just be mindful what angle you are spraying. Do not spray directly at a seam, and stay roughly one foot away.



What should I do about fluid spills? Such as gas, fuel, washer fluid, etc.

Rinse as soon as possible, use spot cleaner if necessary.



Can I park my vehicle outdoors for long periods?

If you have the option to park in a garage that is preferred, however it is ok to park outside.  The sun and elements will wear on the wrap over time.  If you know the sun will hit the driver side of your each day consider backing in sometimes.


My vehicle wrap is turning brown or rust colored, what should I do?

This is generally due to iron deposits, industrial fallout, and lack of routine maintenance.  Call us to have your vehicle inspected at the first sign of unusual discoloration.

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